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Ally's dictionary of phrases


Bar Dancing

Dancing in order to be seen.

Bashful bladder

An affliction sometimes affecting ally because of the unisex loo

Bottom-Feeding bum sucker

A term fish associates with criminal attorneys

Dumb Stick

Lings term foe Penis

Glandular Pull

Term used by cage to explain his feelings for Nelle

Globby Glutes

Georgia's term for " fleshy, jelly like" buttocks.

Impulse control therapy

A therapy never undergone by Ally

Language of Loneliness

Ally's native language.

Little Chuckie

Dr Tracy Clark's name for Ally's dancing baby

Little Huggy batard

How Ally refers to her dancing baby.

Ms. Grab-the-Opposing-Counsel's-Butt.

How Georgia refers to Ally in one episode

The Penguin

I trick pulled on a man by Ally and Renee to get even.

Penile Psychic

What Ling claims to be.

Res Ipso Retainer

Fishism meaning 'Money talks'

Stepford girl

Ally's name for women less difficult than she is.

Stink Stick

Ally's word for cigar


What Billy calls Ally when he is mad.