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In order of brilliantness.


" Bygones."

" Tell me……what kind of lie works here?"

" Speak not from strength but from estrogen."

" Problem is a bleak word for challenge."

"Its not my style to care about others, but whats going on?"

" That would be funny if it weren't so humorous."

" Ouch, That would hut if I cared."

" Good news should never go uncelebrated."

" Love. You can't bank on it."

" Tonight is a night for you to feel good about yourself."

" Under the robe besides a phenomenal body is a good judge."

" I'm nothing if not redundant. I also repeat myself."

" Love….Its and equation. A 'me', a 'you', derives a 'we'."

" The trick is to fast forward through the lousy parts of life."