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  1. Select an unsuspecting male, who has humiliated or hurt you while in a relationship, if none are available then just pick one you don't like.
  2. Its probably better to enlist a friend to do this part then you can watch the drama act itself out. Get your friend to seduce the unsuspecting man and have him drive her out into the country ( Pre arrange the spot so you can be hiding in a prime viewing position), equipped with binoculars (preferably night vision ) camera with zoom lens.
  3. Your friend must know pretend to be infatuated with the man and pull down his trousers and pants down to the ankles. This is the point in which you should jump into your car and
  4. At this point it is advisable that your friend is not prone to fits of laughter. She must then proceed to walk backwards telling the man to 'come and get it', he will waddle down the road like a penguin, publicly exposing himself for you to gawk and laugh at even take photos.
  5. Your friend must then quickly jump into your car as you pass by and drive off before he has time to pull up his pants, and in doing leaving him publicly exposed, and making you feel a lot better for your revenge.