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Ally McBeal Calista Flockhart

She's a young attractive lawyer who can handle her job, but when it comes to her love life she need all the help she can get. She'll say what she thinks and how she feels, the word flooding out of her mouth before she has time to think, and often even when she says things that are utterly outrageous stand by them.

Calista Flockhart grew up in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey. Since entering her chosen career she has been in many Broadway production, and her newest film being 'A midsummer's night's dream' which was widely praised.


Billy Tomas Gil Bellow

Billy is a very serious Lawyer, who just happens to be Ally's ex boyfriend for many years while they were growing up. Billy is also married to Georgia, and this love triangle relationship causes a lot of trouble in the office. When Billy find out that Ally is going to be working in the same place as him he is drawn between his love for her and for Georgia, but he tells Georgia that he married the woman he loved more, and that Ally will just have to deal with that, and she does 99.6% of the time.

Gill bellow was born in Vancouver and then attended the American Academy of dramatic Arts. His career started with a role in 'The Shawshank Redemption'. He is now married with kids.


Georgia Tomas Courtney Thorn-Smith

Georgia Started as Ally's worst enemy, but it wasn't long before they were close friends. However Georgia is always cautious of Ally and Billy's relationship which is always being changed. Georgia and Ally get to fight out their differences in a kick boxing tournament where they both take there anger out on each other in vicious combat, with Billy looking on in disgust.

Courtney Thorn-Smith Born in the bay area, she spent her last years of high school in a theatre company. Her first big break was when she got the part as Alison on ' Melrose Place' and since then has been in 'Spin City' and the film 'Venus Conspiracy'.


Rennee Radick Lisa Nicole Carson

Ally's roommate and one of her best friends, She is an assistant district attorney, who has failed to win against 'Cage and fish' law firm; despite knowing them all well and regularly down the bar, accompanying Ally dancing with the twins. It is quoted that Renee and Ally are each other's greatest defenders and most well informed accusers.

Lisa Nicole Carson was born in Brooklyn and moved at 12 to Florida. Her first professional job was at fifteen when she stared in 'little shop of horrors'. Since then she has been in other TV shows such as 'ER'. Nicole is a great singer and this is witnessed in many scenes, and admits to being a rhythm-and-blues girl.


Elaine Vassel Jane Krakowski

She is the best secretary a law firm anywhere ever had, but she is also the worst. She organized, fast, and always cheerful, but will sue the same firm she works for in an instant if the mood strikes. However Elaine is lonely and Ally often tells her the things she does to bring attention to herself often make her look pathetic. Elaine also has a nack for inventing things, from the face bra, to cool cups, and in series two Ling produces and info-mercial for the face bra.

Jane Krakowski born in New Jersey, and the name ' Krakowski' is actually a stage name. Jane new Gil Bellow and Calista Flockhart before getting the part on Ally Mcbeal acting together again. She has been in lots of Broadway productions including 'Starlight Express' and such films as 'The Flintstones'.


Richard Fish Greg Germann

Classmates at Harvard law, he rescued her from her job, were she was being harassed. Richard is 'only in it for the money' 'big piles of it. Richard usually referred to, as 'Fish' does not often fight in court, referring to run the business from the office, However when he does go into court he has is own personal style. Richard never shows his emotions and this creates a perfect partnership between him and ling, when the get together.

Greg was born in Colorado and lived most of his life there, going to the University of Northern Colorado. For years he cleaned apartment to support himself, until getting a part in the musical ' Assassin'. He has been in such films as ' So I married an axe murderer', and his most recent ' Jesus'son'.


John Cage Peter MacNicol

John cage, is one of the firms best attorneys, he may use some strange methods, but he has nearly never lost cases. Also known as 'the Biscuit', he is the only member of the firm that is as strange as Ally. John hears music just like Ally, one of the most memorable being ' Barry White' he also ' likes a fresh bowl'. As unlikely as it seem during series two, cage and Nelle get together, as John begins to come out of his cage.

Peter McNicol grew up in Texas, and Minneapolis, hitting the stage at age nine. Peter has had a long and wide career, featuring in many theater productions, and loads of films including 'Addams Family values' and TV shows such as Chicargo Hope'.


Nelle Porter Portia de Rossi

Nelle is a rainmaker (although Sleetmaker may be more appropriate), and is often called ' Sub-Zero Nelle' behind her back. Ally and all the women at the firm hate Nelle from the moment they set eyes on her, and Ally as reason. At every chance Nelle tries to put Ally down, but ridiculing her, or by giving her a cool, superior looking smile. When Nelle came onto the scene so does Ling her good friend and client.

Portia de Rossi was born in Melborne Australia, she supported herself along tome by modeling, until she got her break in the movie 'Sirens' Since then she has been in such movies as ' Scream 2' and 'Stigmata'.


Ling Woo Lucy Liu

Ling is a hotheaded, she runs and owns various businesses and is a lawyer herself, although she does not practice until she meets Fish. Ling Sues everyone and everything. Ling and Fish get together and create a very dynamic couple, bring out things in each other they never new could be. Ling an Ally do not get on, but Ally often sees ling as her heroes, when Ling talks about men.

Lucy Liu grew up in New York, and went on to a degree in Asian languages, going on to learn to sing, dance, and perform serious martial arts, as can be seen in her performance in the hit film 'Payback', also staring in ' Jerry Maguire'.


Vonda Shepard

Vonda Shepard is the singer of all the songs featured in Ally McBeal ( except Barry White ), and most recent albums include:

By 7:30

Songs from Ally McBeal